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Counselling how can it help?

What is counselling & psychotherapy and how can it help?

Fast, convenient appointments available.

Counselling helps well-being

Sometimes life can seem difficult.

Sometimes issues in our lives can prevent us from being as happy and fulfilled as we would like to be.

We do not all have good support networks to help us with our problems. Even if we do, it is not always easy to talk to people close to us about some of the issues that may be affecting us. Sometimes it is easier to talk about issues with someone who is independent from friends and family.

Counselling and psychotherapy are 'talking therapies', where a trained therapist helps you to explore the issues that brought you to therapy, in a safe and structured way. Your therapist will help you to identify more productive ways of coping with problems and/or bringing about any changes you may want. 

There are many things that may bring you to therapy. For example you may be experiencing anxiety and/or depression; you may be troubled by events in your past; you may have suffered a traumatic event; you may have been made redundant or be going through a divorce. Alternatively, you may be experiencing underlying feelings of dissatisfaction with, or imbalance in, your life.

Whatever has brought you to therapy, Roots & Wings Therapies will provide you with a professional, warm, non-judgemental, confidential space to explore your feelings and find a way forward. We will accompany you on the path to your brighter tomorrow.

Sessions are also available via Skype meaning that we can work with clients nationwide. This also allows you to fit sessions into a busy schedule. Please call for details.

Take that first step and contact us today. 07503457985.

Counselling & Relaxation Package
Our counselling & relaxation package consists of five counselling sessions plus two relaxation sessions. Incorporating relaxation sessions into your programme of counselling can help your progress and enhance your well-being. Working together, they create a wonderful healing journey. Contact us today for details. 07503457985.

Counselling & Reiki Package

This package includes five counselling sessions plus two one hour Reiki sessions which can be a wonderful combination to help you progress on your journey. To book contact us today on 07503457985.

Counselling & Hypnotherapy Package

Our Counselling & Hypnotherapy Package includes three counselling sessions and one Hypnotherapy & Mini Reiki session and is a lovely way to combine therapies to help your journey. For details and bookings contact us today.

Registered provider for WPA, Aviva & VitalityHealth.

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