Roots & Wings Therapies

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 How we help you.....
We help businesses create a culture of well-being, helping their staff to feel better and be more resilient. This has benefits for the business, including higher productivity and lower absenteeism, but most importantly it has benefits to the people in the business.
This is what our clients love, because they want to do their best for their staff and we help them to achieve it.

Do you want to look after your staff and make them happy and productive? We can help.

Good staff are an asset to any business and attracting and keeping them, as well as ensuring that they are happy and working to the best of their ability, is hugely important.

Stress can cause huge problems within businesses and we understand that.

What we do for you....

At Roots & Wings Therapies we are committed not only to providing support at difficult times, but also to helping build resilience within your workforce. This ensures that they feel valued, supported and better able to deal with any stresses and strains. This can have many benefits to both your staff and your business.

What you get from us...

We provide a range of services to help you to look after your staff.

From a counselling service when times are difficult, to coaching, to holistic therapies which help maintain well-being, as well as a range of packages to help with various issues, we have something to help.

We also provide a range of workshops to either build your employees' skills or help them to focus on their goals, as well as short workshops to help them unwind at the end of busy periods!

We can provide our services in our warm and welcoming premises which boast onsite parking and easy access via the motorway, rail and bus links. We are easy to get to from across Merseyside and the North-West. We can also visit your business premises to provide relaxation and holistic sessions for staff in their break times. Get in touch today to see how this could work for your business. 07503457985.

We work in a holistic way and our services are always tailored to the individual.

We can also work with you to develop and tailor services to suit you and your staff.

How you can use our services to help your business....

We recognise that every business is unique, with their own specific needs.

With this in mind, we offer a range of options and can tailor our services to your business and your budget.

Whether you want to use our services as and when needed, or sign up to a monthly package with attractive discounts, there is an option for you.

For a friendly chat about your needs and how you can start looking after your staff and your business, call us today!

Call us today on 07503457985.

Roots & Wings Therapies.....your first step to a brighter tomorrow.