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New You Weight Loss Package.

This great value package provides comprehensive support for you during your weight loss journey.

Combining coaching and hypnotherapy with a range of techniques, we will support you to make your desired changes.

Effective and healthy weight loss requires commitment and long-term behavioural changes. With this in mind and with a view to your long-term outcomes, we have developed our 'New You Weight Loss Package'.

Each session of your package is carefully planned to give you the most effective support on your weight-loss journey. 

Ongoing support is very helpful when losing weight and our 'New You Weight Loss Package' does just that. 

Each  carefully planned session takes you one step closer to the 'New You' you are aiming for. 

Working together in a carefully structured way, tailored to your needs, over a defined period of time ensures you have comprehensive support on your journey.

We believe in you and will support you on your journey. We also believe it is important for you to feel good about yourself and feel happy and confident and this is another aspect of the sessions which will help you. We work together to enhance your well-being whilst supporting you to make your desired changes.

The package includes five sessions. The first session lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes and future sessions are an hour. Each session is packed full of techniques and support to help you on your path.

Booking the 'New You Weight Loss Package' means you are making a saving of 10%, making this fantastic value.
In addition, as part of your package you will receive a 5% discount on Reiki sessions booked during the course of the package. Reiki is a wonderful addition to your weight loss journey as well as being helpful for many issues. For details of Reiki please see the 'Reiki' page in our 'Holistic' section.

To get started on your exciting weight-loss journey and begin moving forward to your brighter tomorrow, call us on 07503457985 and book your sessions today.